Chiropractic Adjustments

Hands on manual adjustments to restore motion and suppleness to various joints of spine, arms, legs, etc.


Needle, acupressure, trigger point work to relieve regional pain and balance meridians MORE INFO

Myofascial Therapy:

Deep therapeutic massage manually and/or tool assisted to release adhesions and scar tissue, restoring suppleness and muscle function

  • includes active motion release, Graston, and Nimmo

Initial history and Examinations:

complete evaluation and physical

Regional Examination:

evaluation of a specific region of the body such as shoulder, knee, ankle, TMJ, elbow, spine, etc.


Supervised and home programs instructed

Gentle Chiropractic Approach:

Flexion distraction, activator, massage, Acupuncture, slow stretching, and exercise (for very young, elderly, or just apprehensive)


manual and flexion distraction to help restore mobility and to treat disc related conditions

Nutritional Counseling:

dietary and supplement recommendations

Pregnancy related conditions:

chiropractic for pregnant patients

Independent Medical Evaluations

Medical reports:

primarily for workers compensation and personal injuries

Impairment Ratings:

for auto related and work injuries

Various Nutritional Supplements, Orthopedic supports and Braces


** Special Extended Services:

30 minutes or longer, treatment sessions combining various treatment options (adjustments, Graston, myofascial massage, Acupuncture,